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Benefits of outsourcing IT support

Having an in-house IT team is a luxury that many small or medium size businesses cannot justify. This leaves them to outsource their IT support and place their business in the hands of an external company. Understandably, choosing an IT support provider is a decision that should not be taken lightly, after all, they’ll be critical in ensuring your business operations run smoothly and efficiently.

When looking to select an IT support partner, there are some determining factors that should be considered to select the most suitable partner for your business. In this blog we will discuss the key factors that we recommend you consider when selecting your IT partner.

Security and back up

Keeping up-to-date with the latest developments and issues is one of the biggest benefits of outsourcing an expert IT service provider.

With cybercrime on the rise, having the necessary security in place, implementing the right software and keeping apps updated is essential. Having an IT partner who can implement and maintain your security tools is crucial, providing you with piece of mind and the time to deal with your everyday business. Backing up IT systems should be carried out frequently as a matter of routine, and any resulting problems flagged and rectified.

When working with an IT partner it is paramount that you remember communication works both ways. Keeping your IT partner informed about what you would like your IT system to do for you will enable them to support your business more effectively.

Resources and budget

Any reputable IT partner will be acutely aware of what resources and budget are accessible within your business. This understanding enables them to support your business objectives better by optimising resources and advising on the best use of budget.

Understanding the changing needs of your business as market conditions evolve and advising on relevant innovation which can best support your needs is a key feature of a successful partnership.

Planning proactively

Well executed IT is a valuable business tool for sales, operations, security and more. Your IT partner must be able to understand your current needs as well as help you plan for the future in an orderly and cost-effective way. Your partner should constantly review risk management and improved operation and productivity for your business. 

Full Service

The most effective partners will take responsibility for your IT operations across the board. With IT services expanding into telephony meetings and conferencing through increased use of cloud computing, having an IT partner who is able to provide a full suite of services has never been more essential. A company that wants to cherry pick parts of your requirements may therefore not be ideal.   


There is more to a successful IT partnership than experience, although that does count for a lot. New products and technologies are bursting onto the market constantly and remaining current is critical. Having partnerships in place, like Trilan-IT have with Microsoft, Cisco, HP and Dell, allows your partner access to the latest training and skills required to manage the core IT services needed to keep your business ahead in your own market. 

Finding the right IT partner for your business requirements is vital, especially when technology is progressing this quickly! You might find it challenging to keep track of these technological updates on your own. You need a team with the right engineers, technicians, expertise and support, who can not only help you with the needs of today, but help you plan for the future. Get in touch with Trilan-IT to talk about what we can offer your business.

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