Secure Cloud Desktop

Secure Cloud Desktop provides an easy to use, manageable and hassle-free computing experience.

Working from many devices in different locations can be challenging. Secure Cloud Desktop allows you to access your desktop and software, on any device, anywhere you need to quickly and easily. Secure Cloud Desktop is a new way of working where you’re no longer bound by the limitations of hardware.

[What is a Secure Cloud Desktop and why should I use it?]

Secure Cloud Desktop is a Hosted Virtual Desktop solution enabling secure working from any internet enabled device. The experience is the same as a regular PC for the end user – you’ll still log on as normal and still have access to everything you need – but you’ll be accessing this through a Virtual Machine that lives in the Cloud, rather than the desktop itself.

This is easy for your workforce as they can work from anywhere on any device, and easy for you as all updates and the management of your machines is done by us. It’s a hassle-free, cost-effective, and future-proof way of working.

[Features and Benefits]

Hassle-free Management

We manage Secure Cloud Desktop for you. This means that we push out updates and security features, set up your new users, and ensure that you have everything you need, so you can concentrate on working and we’ll concentrate on your IT.

Work from anywhere

Secure Cloud Desktop isn’t limited by hardware. You can access your desktop and everything you need from any internet enabled device. This means you can confidently work in multiple locations and on multiple devices.

Save money

Save on your operating expenses, your hardware and hardware maintenance expenses, and also licensing costs. You’ll no longer need to shell out for on-premise servers, high-end devices, and licensing specialist software to multiple machines per user.


Secure Cloud Desktop is easy to scale up and down. Add and remove users easily without any hefty upfront costs, add additional security features, and scope the solution to meet your requirements as your business grows.

Total Security

Secure Cloud Desktop is hosted on Microsoft’s Azure platform. With built in security features such as Multi-Factor Authentication, and compliance certifications, you can rest assured knowing your business data is absolutely secure. Further to this, security features are applied to the Secure Cloud Desktop so are carried consistently across all devices that are used regardless of whether they are work or personal machines.

UK Tech Support

We’ll help you every step of the way, from deploying your solution through to its management. And if you’ve got any question or issues, we’re here to help with those as well.

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