The top on everyone’s agender with their IT systems nowadays is the security of their devices and data.

TRI-LAN takes cyber security very seriously and there fore we have many hand picked solutions to help keep your network and data safe.


TRI-LAN has partnered with the AV solution providers to protect PC’s and Servers using their “Adaptive Defence 360” platform. There software resides on each server and PC and uses the latest technology and intelligent scanning of files and web activity to help keep them safe.


Zyxel offer a range of Firewall appliances to help protect the network on various levels from outside threats. They can also be used to block web content, scan for viruses being received from the internet to your network, and also provide a secure VPN solution to both other offices and you’re your remote workers.


In case of a major incident, it is imperative to have your data backed up. Our preferred solution for this is to backup your data securely to the cloud.

With our cloud backup solutions in the event of a major incident we could have your data available to you very quickly and if we have a full backup of the server then we can even run that server in a virtual environment in the cloud to get your business back up and running.

With Office 365 becoming more commonplace we have recently released a backup solution for Office 365 also. This will backup your mailbox and online archives along with any Dropbox or Sharepoint data you may have.

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