Secure Cloud Storage

Secure Cloud Storage provides comprehensive data storage, management and backup.

Phishing and malware attacks are increasingly common and are becoming more and more sophisticated. This means that now more than ever you need to take steps to protect your Business data.

Secure Cloud Storage is the industry standard method of data protection. It works by automatically backing up your data into an offsite datacentre, so that if you’re faced with data loss you’re able to restore your data quickly and easily with minimal business downtime.

[What is Redstor and why should I use it?]

With Secure Cloud Storage, you can Backup data from desktops, laptops and servers, across both physical and virtual machines. You choose which data you want to backup and how often. Your data is then stored in a secure offsite datacentre, and is fully encrypted (at source, in transit, and at rest) for total security.

Restoring your data is incredibly easy. If you need a particular file you can access it immediately through InstantData, allowing you to stream what you need now whilst everything restores in the background, meaning you can get back up and running as quickly as possible. You can also choose where you want the data to restore to, so you have total control even if what you originally store your data on can’t be used.

[Features and Benefits]

Total Security

Your data is held in highly secure UK datacentres. You set the encryption key, ensuring no unauthorised data access.

Automated Schedule

You choose which data you want to backup and when. The backups run to an automated schedule meaning no manual intervention and no human error.

Backup any data

Redstor can be used to backup and store the data on your desktops and laptops, your OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, and Exchange data, as well as your G Drive and Gmail data.

Single Pane Management

Manage your backups and storage through the easy to use management console. Monitor your backups, change your data selection and backup times, and add user accounts easily through the backup console.


Secure Cloud Storage is a solution that can grow with your business. Easily backup and store more data as your data set grows, and add and remove machines and users easily, all whilst only paying for what you’re using.

UK Tech Support

We’re here to help you every step of the way with any issues you encounter, managing your data, and changing your backup set for example. Whatever you need, our experts can help!

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